It doesn’t work like that…

In the past few months there has been confusion for a small percentage of our members.  Particularly, about how the open lunches work.  So, I thought I would clear that up.

Depending on the settings you place we can email you all the  “open lunches” that match your preferences.  This is one way we try to suggest other people that you should network with.  But the way you join an open lunch may not be what some of you think.

When you receive a notification of lunches matching your preferences it still takes action on your part in order to complete the process.   

The reason the open lunches already have a set date, time, and location is so that the person considering joining that lunch will know if it fits their schedule.  This information does not mean that the person scheduling the lunch will be at the restaurant of choice during that date/time no matter what.

It means they will be there, but only if another member joins that lunch.  

Once a lunch is joined, both parties receive an email acknowledgement that a lunch is now set.  So, no confirmation…no lunch.  This helps us avoid random lunches.  It also helps us ensure that everyone is committed to the date, time, and location.  Lastly, remember that the person planning the lunch locks this information in.  It is non-negotiable.



About Jonathan Patrick connects like-minded business professionals over face to face, one on one appointments based on each member's preferences.

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