A first look at my Networking Manifesto #fb #in

Earlier this month I mentioned that I was developing a Networking Manifesto. I wanted to give our members and readers a first look at it. The following is an excerpt from the introduction title “Why a Networking Manifesto?”

Why a manifesto?

“Some how, without even looking, I had discovered an industry that seemed to fit with my skill set and personality. The harder I worked, the more the results showed. For the past three years I had been promoted about once a year within the retail banking ranks. In 2005 I was finally ready for the next move which would be into a completely different segment of the banking world. My target clients would no longer be walking in my door looking for consumer related financial products. Now, I would be tasked to work with business owners and their needs. Needs that were vastly different from the knowledge base I had built up over time. It was going to be completely outside my comfort zone. It was time to stretch. I knew that there would be plenty of resources made available to me. Our company was made up of numerous professionals that knew the ins and outs of our business. But I did not.

My father had made his name in the corporate world, climbing the ladder all the way to eventually be offered the top position at a huge company. Interestingly enough he passed on that role, and began his own company in 1991. Fortunately for me, I had witnessed the postivies (and negatives) of both business models. That being working for someone else and working for yourself. This type of exposure had another benefit. I had seen what it takes to succeed in both. And what I had learned was that success is about two things – being an expert in your field and who you knew.

So, here I was in a new position lacking both of the ingredients for success. I had little knowledge about business finance, and I had yet to build up a network of contacts. Certainly I needed to focus on improving both, but if I wanted some early success I needed to put my energy more into one than the other. It wasn’t long before the decision was made for me.

For the first two months of my new position I had been trying every type of marketing I could think of. Cold calling, dialing for dollars, and knocking doors. Actually, I hadn’t even thought up the ideas. I was copying others that had been longer in my type position. And therein was my first mistake. If you want to be successful at something, find someone that is extremely successful in a similar position and copy them. Sure, I was having some success with those actvities, but it was slow to build. So I decided to work smarter, not harder. Then I was introduced to the idea of business networking, by a complete stranger.”

Meet like-minded strangers…err professionals at GoGrabLunch.com.


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