LinkedIn moves against Twitter

This past week LinkedIn announced that the were peeling off some Twitter support. Users will still be able to send Tweets via LinkedIn status updates, however the company will no longer support the Twitter app for LinkedIn profiles.

Take a look.

Ever since we launched our team has made the conscious decision not to be wholly associated with one social media company or the other. Some of our competitors seem to have disagreed. In fact, as recently as last month another networking company launched that specifically uses LinkedIns API as there software. Meaning it only works through LinkedIn and is not a “stand alone”.

You see the problem with choosing not to be a stand alone is that you leave your fate in the associated sites hands. The moment the other site makes a move like LinkedIn just did to Twitter, your members experience gets affected. If not entirely eliminated.

Now, we certainly see the value in incorporating certain functions and associations with other sites. Such as allowing members to sign-in and import their existing social media profiles. Its things like this that help a site go viral.

Hopefully we will be releasing such features soon.

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