You should be attending AA

You have a problem. You know you do. In fact, you are doing it right now. It’s an activity avoidance affliction. But don’t feel alone. You aren’t the only one with this problem. And you didn’t create the problem. Technology did.

Social media is a fabulous tool. The increase in the speed of transacting business through sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter has been astronomical. But, those same sites have given professionals across the world the excuse to be distracted.

So, what are you avoiding doing that you should be? You should be calling your clients and prospects. You should be “beating the street”, getting face to face with those same people. You should be sending personalized letters as follow-up. You should be in at least one, if not more, networking groups.

Here is my suggestion. Reserve daylight hours for in person networking, and morning and evening for your technology based activities.

Or combine the two by meeting new professionals on line, then taking the connection to the next level by grabbing lunch together.


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