Your greatest asset in business… ( #fb #in)

…could very well be your contacts.

Some times two separate pieces of information come to you at the same time, under different circumstances, that bring an “ah-ha” moment.

Earlier this week I was thumbing through the contacts on my phone.  As I was going through the list it reminded me of all the contacts I had that I was failing to stay in touch with.  In fact, on a couple occasions I actually went ahead and deleted a few contacts.  Then I realized, why would you ever delete a contact?

Then, just now I was reading some posts on our LinkedIn page and saw a great article by now legendary blogger Chris Brogan (thanks to Jason Ball for posting it).  In the article Mr. Brogan talks about how “Access is an Asset”.  It’s a good read.

In his post, the author talks about how access to people, ideas, etc. should be considered an asset.  So to, in networking, is access to your contacts.  But not just for yourself.  Access through you to your business contacts is an asset for any of your potential referral sources. And this access should not be taken lightly, nor given to just anyone.

Remember, receiving a referral from another professional should be considered an honor.  Not a rite.  Just because you were nice to someone, or sent them a referral, does not mean they have to reciprocate.

In fact, I would say that being referred by another professional is one of the greatest compliments you can receive.  Make sure you make them count.




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