Guest post by Cynthia Powell: our pioneer of virtual GoGrabLunch appointments

As the pioneer of our first virtual (phone), I asked Cynthia to blog about her journey from finding our site to her first GoGrabLunch appointment w/ Tiffany Gleason of BSP Deals.
What I love about her post is the creativeness with which she used our site in order to make some new contacts.
GoGrabLunch via the phone?
I joined because I saw it in a BNI article.  The article talked about how it could be used for the 1-2-1 meetings we use in our organization to strengthen our referral partner relationships.  When I went to the site and saw how it worked, I was even more excited. Not only could I use it with my BNI friends, I saw it as a way to meet more people. Expanding and strengthening my network is key to my business. Unfortunately, when I signed up, there was no one else in my area.
I own two businesses. One a baby shoe bronzing business that is marketed completely online across the USA. The second is a network marketing business with the product of Greeting Cards and Gifts that allows me to have customers around the globe. So, networking is at least a USA  proposition for me. No one in my area. No problem. I started talking about it on Facebook to my local contacts. Now we have a few and I know that will grow. But, I was ready to network now and I liked the idea of meeting people that are not in my area and by phone is fine with me. So how can I use this site to help me meet some new people?
I expanded my search for people out to 100 miles and I started finding people. I also found that in the ‘Grab a Lunch’ tab I could change my location and look for open lunches in different areas. I clicked on people, read their profile, clicked to their website, found their email address and then sent this simple email: “I just joined GoGrabLunch but as of now there is NO ONE else in my area. I LOVE to network with people all over the country. If you are open, I would love to do a networking phone call sometime.” I sent out 6 emails and got 3 replies.
I had my first PHONE GoGrabLunch last week. We talked about her old and new businesses. We talked about my two businesses. I had one referral to her of someone that does a similar business in my area. I had a referral for her sister’s business that might help her to expand. She introduced me to Jonathan Patrick, owner of GoGrabLunch, and she has another referral she is working on for me. I would say that was a SUCCESSFUL 30 minute phone call!! One of the others that I will be talking with later this week was excited because she is looking to expand her business into my area, she is hoping I might know people to connect her with.
My philosophy is that the more people you KNOW, the more people you can help. And, your pay is directly proportional to the size and strength of your network.  I am excited to see how Jonathan and GoGrabLunch can help facilitate “long distance” networking. I am ‘all in’ on networking. Face to face at lunch or via a phone call, either way works for me.
Cynthia Powell
Spartanburg, SC

About Jonathan Patrick connects like-minded business professionals over face to face, one on one appointments based on each member's preferences.

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  1. I had the same problem here in michigan. You just helped me quite a bit!

  2. Thank Jonathan. I am really enjoying Go Grab Lunch and how it is helping me EXPAND my network!! Thanks for the awesome tool that it is.

  3. Great job Cynthia. Way to go. I joined GoGrabLunch but also had no local people so need to see what I can do with your way.

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