Understanding speed networking events #businessnetworking ( #fb #in )

This week I was fortunate enough to be asked to speak at the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce’s speed networking event. This has become a regular engagement for me and each time I enjoy it.

The event usually begins with me presenting networking best practices to the participants, including how to get the most out of speed networking. If you have not tried networking through this format yet, I would encourage you to do so. If you are a Knoxville, Nashville, Louisville, or Birmingham professional you might want to try Adam Small’s speed networking events.

The way these events work is that there is generally open networking followed by the main event. During the main portion each professional spends about five minutes meeting a new professional. Essentially speed dating, but for professional purposes.

Knowing how to participate well in these events is tough for some professionals. Here are a few tips:

– it’s not about selling, it’s about sharing.

– the person across from you is not a prospect, they are a potential referral source.

– focus on building a basis for a synergistic relationship.

The key here, with such limited time, you only really get to learn about what each other does for a living. So the real value, just like in most things, is in the follow-up.

And to follow-up you might try grabbing lunch sometime.


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