Klout versus our “NetQuotient” #fb #in

This week I have noticed a little more chatter than usual about Klout. If you are not familiar with their service it is something worth taking a look at. When the idea first came out we blogged about it.

From the day our site was being designed, our team knew there needed to be a way to judge if a person was a good contact and someone who understood that connecting with others over lunch was not a platform for selling their products or services. Enter the “NetQuotient”.

Our site assigns each member a NetQuotient based on a variety of factors. A few are mentioned here. In short, the idea is that the higher a members NetQuotient the better a potential contact they are. You could also say that a members NetQuotient is a sign that they will come to a lunch prepared to network. Not to sell.

This is very similar to the idea of Klout.  Klout assigns a person a ranking based on multiple factors, one of which is the number of followers a person has on Twitter (which in my opinion is not a good way to judge a person as a good contact because anyone can get followers).  The general idea is good though.  The higher ones Klout score, the more likely they are to make a good connection for you.

One easy way to increase your NetQuotient is to attend lunches with other members.  Remember, if you are new it is often best to grab someone else open lunch rather than plan your own.

Build your network, increase your business, do it over lunch!


About Jonathan Patrick

GoGrabLunch.com connects like-minded business professionals over face to face, one on one appointments based on each member's preferences.

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