Before networking sites were cool! #fb #in

South by Southwest (SxSW) has just wrapped up and some interesting trends are coming out of it. One particular trend that relates to networking, and therefore what we do at, is that quite a few smartphone apps are beginning to gain traction in the person to person space.

Of particular note are Highlight and Sonar. Both of these apps use GPS coupled with Facebook and FourSquare (respectively) to notify you of nearby connects you should meet.

I can see the value here but some of my concerns appear to be true for others. First, is the issue of privacy. By tapping into other services, Facebook in particular has had issues, you are opening your privacy wide open. Some feedback from SxSW is wondering if such a service is “creepy”. Second, there is a randomness to the connection. While our service helps you plan out your connections, apps such as these require proximity to connect. Certainly this might work well at conventions and seminars, but how much time do you really have through these apps to determine if someone is a good contact to make? Just because they “friends” of your “friends” doesn’t mean they will make a good connection for you.

Another item coming to light is the strain these apps put on your smartphone battery. In one report I read that batteries were dying in less than 3 hours.

What is nice to see is how the networking space is evolving. Much like most industries, I don’t believe that any one service has it all figured out just yet. Hopefully, in time the market will tell services like ours what they want.

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  1. How come you dont have your site viewable in mobile format? Can not view anything in my iPhone.

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