How can I exceed your expectations?

I love to learn from other people. Whether it’s from books, CDs, DVDs, or in person. Knowledge and the process of becoming more skilled at a subject is exciting to me.

When it comes to having a sales process I pride myself on having my system down. But today I learned a new phrase that I plan to incorporate into my “pitch”.

“How can I exceed your expectations?”

What I love about this phrase is that it helps accomplish multiple things. First, it helps you uncover what the prospect’s objectives are. If your prospect’s answer is price, then you know where you have to win in order to get the sale. Secondly, it is a great jumping off point for doing what I call “getting all the cards on the table”. If the answer is something unreasonable, then you at least have the ability to stop the conversation right then and there. Lastly, it shows that you are committed to great service (you best uphold that end).

Build your network, increase your business, do it over lunch!


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  1. Very good. One think I think HELPs to exceed people’s expectations is to show Appreciation for them as a person, for their time and if you get the sale, for their business. And NOT just once, over and over and over again. Find ways to make them feel GREAT — you will have exceeded their expectations.

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