To sell…you have to know

In a recent client meeting the topic of sales was being discussed. In the past few months this client has been evaluating sell-through ratios for one of their products that has been lagging. Industry standard is around 40% and this client has at best seen 20%.

After many previous meetings the client has found what they consider to be a breakthrough. By analyzing individual salesperson results with the product, and asking detailed questions from the more successful ones in the group, the client uncovered a common thread.

The most successful salesmen were those that knew their product’s features and benefits the best. Or put another way, to sell they had to know.

Business networking is no different. In order to identify and then connect with other professionals it is important to understand who they are looking to connect with in the first place. Know what it is they want, and then sell them on why you fit that description.

In order to have a high degree of success in developing reciprocal, mutually profitable referral relationships you have to know and understand the other professional. Understand their expectations for your relationship, what each of you brings to the table, and what types of prospects they are looking.

Build your network, increase your business, do it over lunch!


About Jonathan Patrick connects like-minded business professionals over face to face, one on one appointments based on each member's preferences.

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