Do you hear the footsteps?

Earlier this week I saw an interview of Carson Daly (host of The Voice) on the Piers Morgan late night show. I must admit, that in the past, my opinion of Carson was not very high and I still think of him as a cheesy MTV DJ. No longer.

What I enjoyed most about the interview was to learn how grounded Carson is. When asked by Piers what Carson sees as the next step in his career he had no answer. According to Carson he doesn’t think that far ahead. Partially because he is enjoying the success of The Voice, and partially because he feels God will put him where he needs to be.

My favorite part of the interview was a story Carson told about his step-father. Apparently his mother remarried and the gentleman was/is a successful entrepreneur. Carson told about how he would hear his step-father’s footsteps walking down their hallway at five o’clock in the morning to go to work. It seems that work ethic made a huge impression on Carson, and he utilizes a rise early approach to this day.

What footsteps did you hear this morning? Your own rising early to get after it or your competition’s?

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