Failing forward ( guest post by @cleverkibitzer )

Kathi Browne is a fellow member of Entrepreneurs of Knoxville and a go to professional when it comes to marketing. Particularly social media. She has been a member of for quite some time and a big supporter.

Failing forward

Are you a risk-taker? According to Peter Sims, author of Little Bets, successful people don’t usually start out with a brilliant idea. They discover them by taking risks. Trial and error is a healthy process to weed out that one good idea from the pile of bad ones.

Many great entrepreneurs have failed forward through experimentation: jumping in with both feet to test ideas until something worked! Simms points out that Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin didn’t plan to build the powerful search engine we know today, but rather a solution to prioritize library searches. Eventually, their search algorithm lead to Google AdWords and the rest is history. Google teams continue to seek out failures in an effort to learn from them. They understand that the successes are formed through the process of elimination and discovery. Each failure is a chance to gain insight into what will result in success.

But experimentation only happens if you are willing to take action: If you are willing to take chances, and if you are willing to see each failure as a new discovery. Are you actively seeking opportunities to fail? Or are you playing it too safe? Take a chance. Meet someone new for lunch and ask them what failures they have learned from. It will make for good conversation, and may spark new ideas. That’s what the napkins are for.

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