Five ways to get the most out of your appointment

Members have been using our site for over a year now to connect and build relationships with other professionals. The members that get the best results from their meetings have some common “best practices”.
1. Be professional
This includes being on time to your appointment (in fact I’d arrive a few minutes early), dressing professionally, and being actively engaged with your appointment partner. Keep small talk to just enough to break the ice (you are here for business, not to discuss the weather) and leave distractions like phones in the car.
2. Research the other party
We recommend that you us a variety of resources to learn a little about (not stalk) your appointment partner prior to your scheduled meeting. Social media is a great way to learn about their interests and influence. It is also a great way to see a picture ahead of time so you can be on the lookout for them when you arrive.
You should also take a look at their company’s website to better understand them, and browse other sites to learn about trends in their given industry.
3. Have introductions ready
If you have done your research then you should have an idea of what contacts you have that the other person could benefit from. Already knowing the names of some people you are willing to connect them with shows your willingness and ability to be a great business partner.
4. Be specific
Similar to #3, know what connections the other party may have that you would be interested in making. Being specific about the people and industries where you would like to meet other professionals makes you more referable.
5. Recap and set expectations
A great way to end your meeting is to recap the things of importance that you have discussed and set expectations. If you have offered to make some introductions for the other professional, set a firm timeline for how and when you will accomplish that.

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