4 traits for success

Seems like there are common themes to my conversations of late. I have had no less than five instances where other professionals have failed to do what they said they would. So, I’ve done what anyone else would do. I’ve told others about the situation, and recommended they not do business with those folks.

Now, keep in mind I am not crucifying the offender for a first offense. That would be unfair, as no one is perfect.

But it got me thinking about what it takes to succeed in business. So, I asked some of my peers their thoughts if they have experienced the same issues. And through all the frustration, one phrase kept coming up…

Show up!

Here are four traits that involve showing up.

– Time management

Be on time. In fact, I recommend being early. Better safe than sorry.

– Attention to detail

Don’t miss the little stuff. I once read that David Lee Roth, lead singer for Van Halen, always wrote into his performance contracts that a bowl full of M&Ms, void of red ones, had to be on hand back stage at all times. He figured if they missed this, what else are they missing. While a little extreme, the point carries weight.

– Integrity

Plain and simple, do what you say you will. You can’t earn a reputation on what you are going to do, only what you do.

– Hard worker

Always be willing to do what others are not. Never lose on effort.

Can you put a check mark by each of these? Every day? Then success is bound to come sooner than later.

P.S. What did I miss?

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