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Plain and simple we believe that networking is the key to successfully growing a business.

By networking we mean spending quality time in front of other business professionals that have the potential to become a source of referrals or better yet a client.

In today’s competitive business world it can be more challenging than ever to cut through all the noise and make a real connection with a like-minded professional. It’s our belief that this cannot be accomplish strictly in groups or online.

Every one of the founding partners behind GoGrabLunch.com has experience developing a successful business from scratch. Guess how we did it. In fact our team met one another through face to face networking. So we can tell you first hand that face to face networking works.

We hope you will find GoGrabLunch.com a valuable asset in your toolbox of networking activities. Whether it be to make a new connection or help manage your face time with existing contacts.

Dennis Waitley said, “if you are not networking, sooner or later you will be not working.”

Meet someone new today that can make a difference in the bottom line of your business.

Feed Your Network at GoGrabLunch.com

  1. Cora Mae Lengeman

    I find this “gograblunch” a great idea for networking, hownever I noticed that all your resturants are in Tennesse! Is this site only for your area? I would hate to sin=gn up and then not be able to make ANY lunches because I am in Michigan…

    • Cora-

      Our site works worldwide, and therefore during travels as well. In fact we have users overseas already.

      We are looking for users like yourself to help spread the word to restaurants about getting involved. It is free to them.

      Would love to hear any other questions or feedback.

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