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Give us your thoughts on a proposed new feature #fb #in

Just this week two of our members completed a virtual appointment. The respective cities that they were from were Knoxville, TN and Greeneville, SC.

For about two months now we have been considering adding this type of appointment as a feature to our site. In the above instance, the members accomplished it without our assistance. If we added such a feature, this would allow members to connect across the globe with one another. Geographic limitations to whom you could “go grab lunch” with would no longer exist.

The way we envision this happening is not much different than how current members connect. One member would plan a lunch along with the date and time, and another member that matched their preferences would grab that lunch.  Once confirmed an email reminder, along with contact information, would be forwarded to each party.  Upon completion of the appointment, each member would provide the normal feedback on how the contact went.

So, our question to you is would you participate in a phone/Skype/video conference appointment?


It doesn’t work like that…

In the past few months there has been confusion for a small percentage of our members.  Particularly, about how the open lunches work.  So, I thought I would clear that up.

Depending on the settings you place we can email you all the  “open lunches” that match your preferences.  This is one way we try to suggest other people that you should network with.  But the way you join an open lunch may not be what some of you think.

When you receive a notification of lunches matching your preferences it still takes action on your part in order to complete the process.   

The reason the open lunches already have a set date, time, and location is so that the person considering joining that lunch will know if it fits their schedule.  This information does not mean that the person scheduling the lunch will be at the restaurant of choice during that date/time no matter what.

It means they will be there, but only if another member joins that lunch.  

Once a lunch is joined, both parties receive an email acknowledgement that a lunch is now set.  So, no confirmation…no lunch.  This helps us avoid random lunches.  It also helps us ensure that everyone is committed to the date, time, and location.  Lastly, remember that the person planning the lunch locks this information in.  It is non-negotiable.


Why “we-listen”

This post is by Frank Podlaha, our CTO at From time to time he’ll throw in his 10 cents (binary joke …never mind).

The other day I needed to contact an online vendor for something specific. I pulled up their last e-mail, an invoice receipt no less, to find their contact info. I hit reply only to see their e-mail account was a “no-reply @ such and such dot com”. Boy, that really irked me. I let out the usual barrage of “what’s wrong with these people” and other bleep-able items.

All I wanted was an easy way to contact someone. Now I had to login to their website and navigate to their Contact Us page, only to find no contact e-mail or phone number. Why do businesses do this, I wondered. What ever happened to all this customer service hoo-haa?

Then it hit me, Oh.. My.. Goodness.. “no-reply” is exactly what I did on the automated e-mails on I sat there in my office turning red with embarrassment. How could I be so careless? While I’m usually the type to pay attention to the smallest detail, it’s the software engineer in me, I certainly missed the boat on this on. I wondered how many times people sat looking at their inbox with our horrible flashing neon sign that says, “We sent you this e-mail, but we really don’t care what you think. DO NOT REPLY!”

Quickly I fixed that problem. Our automated e-mails now come from our account. And yes, we do listen. We always have.


Your confusion and frustration is my fault

Really it’s true.  Recently our team has sent out a survey to our membership hoping to learn a little bit more about how, why, when, who, etc of why you use our site.  So far the answers have been eye opening.

One thing we have learned is that there is some confusion and frustration around what we do and where we work.  And honestly that is my fault.  When we went about building the site we made it so we could scale to worldwide use easily.  Our mistake was making the site open to the world immediately.

It’s a good problem to be having that people are jumping on board from outside our immediate vicinity.  The issue is that there may not be other members for you to lunch with yet, nor are their preferred restaurants in your area.

So we ask that you be patient as we grow into your area.  Of course if you are interested in becoming an affiliate in your city to help grow members and restaurants please email us at

It’s the bad experiences that are always heard

It’s the old conundrum of any business.  A customer might have 9 great experiences in a row with your product or service and you will never know it.  But if the 10th experience is miserable everyone will know it.  We’d like to avoid that.

With one month of being live under our belt my hopes are at this point that someone (ok anyone) has had a great experience through using our site.  Based on some of the tweets I have seen I don’t think that will be an issue.

So do us a favor – if you have made a great connection with someone by using our site let us know.  Feel free to either post a comment here about your experience (in detail please) or email us at .  Make sure it is one you are willing for us to publicize.

Thanks for all you do.