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To Our Members:

It is with regret I am writing to inform you that as of August 1st, 2012 will be ceasing operations. While the site itself will no longer function, we are planning to leave the Facebook page ( open as an alternative. Members can continue to connect with one another and even plan lunches through the group page by posting dates, times, locations, and the type of professionals they are looking to meet.

As often happens in a startup, our founding team is at a stage where other opportunities are calling that will hinder our ability to properly serve the site, and therefore our members.

The past year and a half has been a mixture of excitement and challenge. We have been privileged to be able to serve members in over 45 countries and have had the honor of partnering with some wonderful business partners.

I am most proud of the relationships that we have helped create for our members and the increased awareness of the value business networking can bring to your business.

More than a few members have taken the time to personally thank me for the positive impact our site had on their business. In the end, that was our goal.

I want to thank my founding partners for joining me in this adventure. Lastly, I want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for your support and I hope that we can connect again someday.

Jonathan Mills Patrick


Startup lessons: using other’s API

It is interesting sometimes how similar subjects seem to surface from multiple avenues at the same time.

Just yesterday one of my partners in emailed me an article about Pinterest, and how their rise to social media stardom had been fraught with struggles until they began utilizing social sign-ons through Facebook. Then, this morning, I read Fred Wilson’s article title “Can you Build a Network on Top of Another Network?”. Wilson’s thoughts are that you can, and sometimes should do so, however at that point he felt you really don’t have your own network.

The culmination of both conversations got me thinking back to the early days of and our decision to remain independent of other sites.

Without question I can tell you that had we used social sign-ons through sites like Facebook and LinkedIn our site would be much, much further along in terms of registered members. After all, by doing so you make the registration process quicker and you are able to use status updates to broadcast to potential members. So, in terms of membership numbers not using other APIs was a mistake.

Where I think we did go right with our strategy is that our independence protected us in two ways. First, it allowed us to avoid worrying about being shut down by someone else. LinkedIn has recently announced that in the near future Twitter access from their site will be limited. Prior to buying them, Twitter shut down all access for Tweetdeck for a period of time. When you connect yourself wholly to another platform you risk being closed down by their decisions. Second, like Fred Wilson mentions, I feel we truly have our own network of members. Not merely access to members of another site.

Only time will tell what was the right decision.

Build your network, increase your business, do it over lunch!

Eyes on the dashboard!

This week the team rolled out our latest update to the site.  If you have not noticed yet, once signed in, the member dashboard has changed.

The idea behind the dashboard change was to bring all of your membership information to one page.  Now you can see all of the following in one spot:

  • Your scheduled lunches
  • Members that match your preferences, but don’t have any open lunches
  • Spotlighted members
  • The # of open lunches in your area
  • The # of profiles that match your preferences
  • Your lunch history
  • Your NetQuotient
By the way, have I mentioned that this is building to something else?  Well, it is.  Oh yeah, how does a smartphone app sound?  Stay tuned!

Many thanks to our CTO, Frank Podlaha, that has spent his time bringing this change to life in anticipation of an even bigger, better feature update!

Meet like-minded professionals over lunch at

A good referral for me would be…

One of the ways we are expanding into different parts of the world is through other strategic partnerships, such as relationships with Chambers of Commerce. In fact, we are currently in negotiations to form alliances with Chambers across the U.S.

As part of our growth,, has developed an affiliate marketing program where we share revenue with any member that is able to help us develop additional strategic partnerships. Whether that be your local Chamber of Commerce or any other associations that could benefit from our software.

We have also made the decision to open up advertising opportunities, that are geographically based. If you have any interest in advertising on our site to the local or national membership please contact us at

Best ways to use to #businessnetwork

One of the common questions we get is where does our site work?

The answer is quite simple. can help you network across the globe.  Our site works world wide.  Actually, we have members in over 43 countries.  This sounds impressive (and to me is to an extent considering this has all been done through word of mouth, with no marketing dollars spent).  Of course, in some countries there are two members.  But the base is set and I believe we will grow in other states and countries in due time.  In fact, we are trying to manage that growth to an extent.

So, back to my point. works every where.  If you are a new member and there are limited lunch opportunities in your area we could use your help.  Spread the word about us to your contacts.  The more people that become members in an area the more networking opportunities.

Also, remember that if you are a new member it is best to grab someone else’s open lunch instead of planning your own.